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Whybirds Removals was established by John Whybird in Ipswich in 1857 in unusual circumstances. John was working as a drayman for a firm of merchants named Hassel & Hogg when the business closed down. In lieu of wages, John was given a horse and dray and commenced working as a "for hire" drayman in general transport and the occasional furniture removal or "shifting job". Thus the Whybird family transport and removal business was born. The business was carried on by members of the Whybird family including Harry, his sons Jack and Harry Jnr, then Alan on his return from service in Borneo and in 1984, his son Royston took over the business.

Royston sold the Whybirds Removals business to Tony & Majella Oro and Frank & Dianne Aspinall in December 1997. The business is run by the Oro and Aspinall families today in conjunction with A&R Removals and Keffords Removals businesses with branches in Townsville, Cairns and Mt Isa.

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